Liberal Youth

Liberal Youth is the the youth and student branch  of the Liberal Democrats. To quote our website (I apologise for its garishness):

Britain has a liberal youth.

Our generation’s culture, our values, our ideas and our politics are liberal.

We want a society free of prejudice and intolerance, where we all have equal opportunity to fulfil our ambitions, and human rights and individual liberties are respected, in an environmentally sustainable world that we can pass on to future generations.

We are a powerful generation. There are over 22 million people under 30 in the UK. We have votes. We are open to new ideas. We will make ourselves heard.

We’ll make it Liberal Democrat.

Over the past decade, thousands of young people have turned to the Liberal Democrats. This is a generational change. Our aim is to create a permanent bloc of young Liberal Democrat voters. Our strategies identify young voters, engage and educate them in issues and campaigns, and then use traditional and innovative methods to turn out the vote. We also provide the tools for young people to engage with democracy and prepare our generation to serve as leaders at local, regional and national level.

We are Specified Associated Organistation within the party’s federal structure, enabling us to set our own policy, run our own campaigns and give our own views on issues.

I have two roles within Liberal Youth.  As a General Executive Member, I sit on the the Executive Committee and support the Chair, Vice-Chairs and other members of the Executive. Currently my portfolio is fundraising, so some of you may get to know me as that young, bloke who harasses you for money (makes a change from doing it to my parents).

Also, I sit on Liberal Youth’s International Committee.  It’s role is to develop Liberal Youth’s international policy, run campaigns on international issues (Save Darfur) and represent Liberal Youth on the world stage in LYMEC (European Liberal Youth) and IFLRY (International Federation of Liberal and Radical Youth). Most recently in this capacity I went to Copenhagen, Denmark in order to develop links  with our Danish sister parties, Venstres Ungdom and Radikal Ungdom.


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