Posted by: James Shaddock | Thursday 9th October 2008

Icelandic Government Are Terrorists

At least they are if my understanding this story is correct.

It seems Gordon Brown has decided that the Icelandic Government’s refusal to guarantee the deposits of UK customers of the Icelandic banks they nationalised is ‘illegal’ and in retaliation has decided to freeze the UK assets of those banks. The easy way to do this, without getting tied up in the courts, is through anti-terror laws.

Therefore, in theory, the Prime Minister has declared the government of Iceland a terrorist organisation. What’s next? War? Oh.

What really gets me about the Iceland situation is that only a week ago I was hearing how Landisbanki was one of the safest European banks to have your money in, which to me suggest that a lot of the problems are self-fulfilling prophecies and we’re talking our way into recession.

Edit: Charlotte Gore got to this before me.



  1. I’m honestly ashamed of Brown today :S

    And, also, viewing his, “I will do whatever is necessary” promise as a rather scary threat.

  2. If this was a one hundred years or so years ago, such action would constitute a declaration of war.

    That’s what makes the threat so scary. If he can do that, what else is he capable of?

  3. This is for you ­čÖé

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