Posted by: James Shaddock | Sunday 21st September 2008

Gurkha Campaign Needs Urgent Help

From Anthony Hook

URGENT: Can you help the Ghurkas’ legal team?

Gurkha Justice campaigner Lib Dem Peter Carroll has issued an plea for evidence to
back up the legal team representing the Gurkhas in the current High Court
hearing on the lawfulness of the 1997 ‘cut off’ date for citizenship.

The case received huge coverage earlier this week when Joanna Lumley and others
gave their backing to the cause. The Gurkha’s legal team urgently (by
Wednesday 24th September) need to find an example case of a soldier
recruited directly from a Commonwealth country to disprove statements being
made by the Home Office.

Peter Carroll says:

“We need to find a person who joined the British Army between 1962 and
1997 who was a citizen of a Commonwealth Country and joined the Army
directly from his own country – that is, they had not entered and settled
in the UK before applying to join the Army.

“The reasons behind this requirement are complex. However, our legal team
say that the finding of even one such instance would fundamentally improve
the chance of victory in this case.”

If you meet the criteria above, or know anyone who does, please email
Peter Carroll on or call 07866 800755 AS SOON AS

Even if you do not know directly of such people, please email this message
to others and ask them to pass it on as well to anyone they think might be
able to help, especially army contacts.

The success of the Gurkha’s claim for citizenship rights for those
retiring before 1997 would be STRONGLY helped by finding people as above to
disprove the Home Office’s case in the next two days: you can make it
happen, and help right this wrong.

You can read more about the Gurkha Justice Campaign at



  1. The Gurkhas should not have had to wait so long for this justice to come about, this has been a disgusting situation and should have been corrected a long time ago.

  2. Keep going………tho. ’tis sad that this should all be necessary.
    Things like this make one almost ashamed to be British. There are other causes but in this one time is of the essence.

  3. Decent treatment of these people is essential without it we will bring shame on our nation – they have supported us and some have died doing so – we must show them the respect they dererve for all they have done

  4. its a disgrace they can not live in the uk

    my uncle would tell us about how brave they are when he fought with them in second world war.

    they have done as much for this country as any british regiment

  5. The Gurkha’s need and deserve our fullest possible support with citizenship and full entitlements granted to other serving British Servicemen and women.

  6. I am absolutely delighted to hear the news that the high Court has overturned the government ruling today, well done the High Court and shame on you Gordon, for making these exceptional loyal people have to take their case to get natural justice.

  7. god bless the gurkhas

  8. I unequivocally support the Gurkha’s case. Following the High Court ruling, I urge the government to grant residency to all 2000 Gurkhas who have fallen foul of this ill-judged legislation.

  9. Im a politics student and find this sort of thing a disgrace to a country that considers itself a liberal democracy.

    Take this name to Gordon Brown and Downing Street! They deserve to live here more than most people and its about time this USELESS law was changed.

  10. They were there when ever needed.

  11. Any country can only claim to be a civilised society if it treats men as men, and there is equality and justice.

  12. My father would be jumping up and down with delight were he still alive. He served alongside the Gurkhas during the Malayan Emergency and always had the highest regard and respect for these brave and honourable people.
    On behalf of my dear departed dad (but for my young daughter and me too) – let’s get this outrageous wrong righted, right now. How can we have let it go on for so long?
    Well done everyone – the momentum is with us – now for the coup de grace!

  13. Cliff Bunten has the greatest respect for each and every gurkha! wonderful soldiers and they deserver our everlasting thanks by giving them the right to live in our country.

  14. let them live in uk if they won;t to

  15. I can imagine my late family members who have known how much the Gurkhas have done to allow all of us to live peacefully together. To not give the Gurkhas & their famillies the choice to live here in the UK is very sad and makes me feel ashamed to be British.

    We should have a special Gurkhas day as this would act as an appology and also a thank you for being part of our fight for freedom of choice for all.

  16. Coming from a military family my husband & sons have soldiered with the Gurkhas & found them excellent soldiers & dedicated people.A pleasure to have to have met them & wish them all the best in their campaign to stay in this country after having served it so well. It has to be their right to do so.

  17. I served with the Gurkhas in Hong Kong between 1977-1980,a more honourable people you could’nt wish to meet.I fully support all the Gurkhas and their families to live in this country if they wish.It would be a honour to live side by side with these people.Please support a just cause,they deserve our respect and commitment to see this to the end.

  18. Thanks for the comments and support everyone. It’s great news that the High Court has found in their favour.

    I’ve blogged on it here:

  19. Hallo it is a disgrace that a nation that has given and is still giving service, that the goverment should not allow these very brave men and ther families to reside in the uk.
    But thats the Government for you, as a ex soldier who was discharged from the army though Medical reason ( that i recieved while on sevice duty it doesnt surprise me. When you are in the Army you get everything that they need from them to do yopur duty, when you leave ( doesnt mind on what reasins) you are a number that was….I hope that todays desicion makes things go for the gurhkas.


  21. The UK is renowned for its fairness and justice. We owe these brave and loyal people our thanks and wholehearted welcome.
    We must change the law and give them citizenship.


  23. I am a retired Scots Guardsman and have always had the highest respect for the Gurkhas. They are fierce in battle, exemplary in discipline, modest in demeanor and as smart on parade as any regiment of footguards. Their service to this country and the Commenwealth as a whole is without doubt of enormous value. They put there lives on the line in the Falklands, receiving very little ackowledgement from our Government, yet they once again maintained their dignity and got on with soldiering as normal.

  24. Let the Gurka’s have a place in our Country and all that goes with it——-as we wouldn’t of been able to do what we are doing now without there help. God Bless the Gurkhas.

  25. As an ex National Serviceman.Well done the Gurkhas.

  26. It is a disgrace that a goverment of this Country
    has stopped our friends and Countrymen, from staying in this Country if they want to, after serving her so well.
    They dare to call themselves leaders.
    They are very sad pepole who should not be working in Goverment.
    We should welcome with open arms those who defend our Country. Winston will be turning in his Grave.

  27. We should be ashamed of ourselves,it’s fine to recognise them while we need the gurka regiment to fight our wars, but they had better not ask for our help when they need us!
    What a great bunch of lads they are; always neat and always disciplined,especially in public. They are one of the finest regiments in the British Army! Yes I said British. We just want to eat our cake and still have it with our refusal to officially recognise their steadfast and loyal service for this country, it makes us look so mean. Come on, they deserve to be looked after.

  28. respect to are friends the gurhkas


  30. here we go again,the goverment making poor judgements,these men are loyal to the uk, the army and the people of enland,they should stay here and the goverment get a grip of there job, of looking after the people that look after us,keep our men and women more money to fight in the war against terror

  31. Hang your heads in SHAME Great Britain These People are our Greatest Friends They have stood with us and Died for us, They have paid with their Blood for British Citizenship,Now give them what is rightfully theirs the way they have been treated make ME Ashamed to be BRITISH!!!

  32. what has happened to our country, immigration running out of control, scroungers, freeloaders, all looking for a free handout, yet our most loyal of all ally’s are treated with conempt, these fine men should have automatic right of citizenship, 200 years, fighting for KING/QUEEN and country, only to be cast aside, how this government must feel proud of itself, the gurkha has shown the highest of HONOUR and LOYALTY, what a shame our government cant show any, or have any idea of the meaning of, LOYALTY And HONOUR, some one please, hand them a dictionary, they might learn something other that self gratification.

  33. For our own good we need to value all our armed services and the present situation with the Gurkhas is a scandal. It is high time that we began to value loyalty and service to our country.

  34. How ungrateful to treat these brave men this way. We used them and they proved to be loyal and brave. If they were terrorists who wanted to kill us they would be given free housing and have everything else handed to them on a plate. No wonder British citizens are confused. The gurkha’s deserve everything that we can do for them and more.

  35. i feel ashamed to be British. After what these wonderful people have done for us, I would have thought that our government would not be able to do enough for them.

  36. It is an absolute disgrace how the Britsih Government is mistreating these fearless warriors.I served in 99Gurkha Brigade between 1966-69 and found these men very loyal,honest and professional. How can such people not be allowed to remain in Britain if they want too,some died to preserve the rights/freedoms of the British people. think again Government

  37. when will this government get up off thier well paid backsides, and give the most loyalist of allies that this country has ever had, and give them and thier family’s the right to remain in the countrythey fought for, thy have fought with pride and undisputed honour, what a pity we cant put our government up on the front line, i know what would happen, one big cloud of dust as they dissapear over the horizen, give these fine proud people the reward they deserve, they at least know the meaning of the word, HONOUR, a word that must be a very strange word to our government

  38. The gurkha’s, a band of men who fight to get selected to join the british army, what they consider a great honour, thier loyalty, courage and honout is unquestionable, thier right to remain as british citizens should be automatic, yet we get illegal imigrents, freeloading demanding this that and everything else, preeching death and distrution to the country they choose to live in, and our great government, sits on its hands, and allows it to go on, our history and way of life is changing, changing for the beniifit of the illegal imigrents, need i say more. give the gurkha his rights, he has paid his due’s,if ever there was a case for human rights, this is it.

  39. The Gurkha’s are one of the loyalist groups of people this country has ever had and it should be their absolute right to remain in this country if the wish. Their Loyalty,Honour and Courage is without question.
    It is about time this government got its act together and got rid of all the freeloading illegal immigrants who have contributed absolutly nothing but seem to be given everthing.

  40. These Gurkha’s walk for days from thier remote vilages to join the army, as it is an honour for them to be a member of probably one of the best fighting forces in the world. They quite often come to Britain to do the training they need, then off to the hotspots of the world alongside “our” army lads and lasses, doing the job they love the best, that is,serving “Queen and Country”. Quite a few have not returned, as they lost thier lives in battle. They have fought alongside our troups for over two hundred years at all the major battles and in most of the wars and troubles. Then we just send them back to thier remote villages with a thank you. What a way to treat such honourable, loyal people. I feel ashamed to be British when they cannot give these people the right to stay, work and live in Britain if they so want to.

  41. I have the greatest respect for these gallant men.
    As a child my Pop (Stepdad) would often tell me about the Gurkha’s , how bravely they fought alongside his regiment in Burma during World War 2. If anyone deserves to live in this country it is the Gurkha. If my Pop was alive today he would have been one of the first to go up to London campaigning for them. So on behalf of him I say give them the right to live in this country, they have died for this country and will always be a proud upstanding citizen.

  42. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Article 1 “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” You have the same human rights as everyone else in the world, because you are a human being. These rights are inalienable – they cannot be taken away from you. Every individual, no matter who they are or where they live, should be treated with dignity.

    Article 2 “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind” You should not suffer discrimination, or be deprived of any of your rights, because of your race, colour, sex, language, religion or political opinions. When it comes to respect for your basic rights, it should not matter what country you were born in, what social class you belong to, or how rich or poor you are. Everyone should enjoy all the rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Article 3 “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person” We all have the right to live in freedom and safety. No one should be arbitrarily killed, or deprived of their liberty without good reason.

    Article 4 “No one shall be held in slavery or servitude” Human beings must not be owned, bought or sold. No one has the right to enslave anyone else. Slavery is a crime.

    Article 5 “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” Torture is forbidden at all times and in all circumstances. No one should suffer treatment or punishment that is cruel or makes them feel less than human. These rules apply everywhere – in police stations, prisons, on the streets, in peacetime or during a war.

    Article 6 “Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law” Every human being has the right to be treated as a person in the eyes of the law. We must all be granted the rights and bear the obligations accorded to every person by the law.

    Article 7 “All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law” You have the right to be treated by law in the same way as everyone else. You have the same right to be protected by the laws of your country as anyone else.

    Article 8 “Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law” If your rights under the law are violated by someone else – be they another individual or a member of the police or security forces – you have the right to see justice done.

    Article 9 “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile” You may not be arrested or held in a police station or prison without good reason. You may not be kept out of your own country. If you are detained, you have the right to challenge the detention in a court of law.

    Article 10 “Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal” You have the right to a fair and public hearing if you are ever accused of breaking the law, or if you have to go to court for some other reason. The courts must be independent from the government, competent to interpret the law and free to make their own decisions.

    Article 11 “Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty” If you are accused of a crime, you have the right to be treated as innocent, unless or until you are proved guilty, according to the law, in a fair and public trial, where you are allowed to mount a proper defence. You cannot be tried for doing something which was not a criminal offence in law at the time it was done.

    Article 12 “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation” No one has the right to intrude in your private life or to interfere with your home or family without good reason. No one has the right to attack your good name without reason. The law should protect you against such interference.

    Article 13 “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement” You have the right to move about freely within your country. You also have the right to travel freely to and from your own country, and to leave any country.

    Article 14 “Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution” If you are forced to flee your home because of human rights abuses, you have the right to seek safety in another country. This means that border police or other authorities may not refuse you entry, or return you to your own country, without proper consideration being given to your request for asylum.

    Article 15 “Everyone has the right to a nationality” You have the right to be treated as a citizen of the country you come from. No one can take away your citizenship, or prevent you from changing your nationality, without good reason.

    Article 16 “Men and women… have the right to marry and to found a family” All adults have the right to marry, regardless of their race, country or religion. Both partners have equal rights in the marriage, and their free and full agreement is needed for the marriage to take place. The family is entitled to protection by the state.

    Article 17 “Everyone has the right to own property” You have the right to own goods, land and other property, alone or with other people. No one has the right to take your property away without good reason.

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    Article 29 “Everyone has duties to the community” We all have a responsibility to the people around us, and we can only develop fully as individuals by taking care of each other. All the rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights can only be limited by law and only if necessary to protect other people’s rights, meet society’s sense of right and wrong, maintain order and look after the welfare of society as a whole.

    Article 30 “Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying… any right to engage in any activity… aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth” There is nothing in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that justifies any person or state doing anything that undermines the rights to which we are all entitled.

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  43. I too served with the Gurkas on many occassions and am disgusted with this governments stance. They are loyal and true citizens and should not be treated in this way. they are not scroungers like most that some to this country. Very best of luck in your campaign

  44. my father who fought in the trenches of the ww 1 always spoke in awe of these gallant soldiers,he did not receive a significant gallantry award however his love for this country remained steadfast untill his death.If he was alive today he would truly have been ashamed of ,not his country but those unspeakable people who govern it.I as a life long socialist am ashamed when a so called labour minister seems to use the ‘race card’ to justify his decision, referring to an ‘influx of dependants’ words that could have eminated from the far right wing elements of this country. It is true this government is scrambling for its very survival and would seem to do anything to pander to the populists,perhapes they will realise in the future that they should develope the back bone that exists within the Gurka soldier.

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