Posted by: James Shaddock | Sunday 14th September 2008

Are You Happy Here?

By here, I mean in the Liberal Democrats.

I’m asking as today’s media coverage of conference (I’m not there myself) keeps harping on about whether we’re closer to Labour or the Conservatives and it’s pissing me off!

Why can’t people just be happy just being Liberal Democrats? What is so wrong with being our own party, with our own identity?

Both Labour and the Conservatives are illiberal, authoritarian parties,  so I really don’t see why anyone can have inklings towards one or the other.

So ask yourself this: Are you 100% committed to this party above the other two? If not, why are you even here?



  1. James, don’t panic, you are experiencing “media reality”. Ignore everything they say. They have literally sat around a table last week, brainstormed a bit, and come up with their conference stories. It really is that simple and that cynical. Read the LDV coverage instead 😉

  2. I totally understand that a good majority of this is media hyperbole, however there is always something that has to start it.

    There will always be small minority of members who’d rather we were a subsidiary of Labour or the Tories than our own separate party so this is more a pre-emptive strike in case they try anything in the near future.

    Congrats on the blog awards btw

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