Posted by: James Shaddock | Saturday 13th September 2008

Somebody Stop Sarah Palin

before she starts a nuclear war.

This woman is  DANGEROUS. Do people not get it?!!

To echo Russell Brand’s comments on George W. Bush at the VMAs in this country, “[s]he wouldn’t be trusted with a pair of scissors.”

(Hat tip: Paul Walter)



  1. the more i see of her the more scared i am. she comes of as not to bright and completely crazy. this was completely a political manuver by the gop, no way this woman would make a good vp and you are right if she was prez you could go ahead and move that doomsday clock up a noch

  2. She is scary we must stop her and retard mcSame getting in power, god help us if they do!

  3. Ms palin is an insult to all intelligent individuals all over the world with her views. Her knowledge on foreign policy is zero not to mention her heavy hand approach to business that only includes her school buddies. A vote for Mc Cain is a vote to lose freedom of speech and thought. Mc cain is too old and Ms Palin is not up for the job.

  4. Thanks for posting this. Every American with a brain has to worry about Sarah Palin and her possibly becoming our VP. Just one quick example of this woman’s lunancy: she supports abstinence education while her teenage daughter gets pregnant. Was the abstinence thing working, ya think?

  5. spread the message!!!

  6. Wednesday, September 17, 2008
    Sarah Palin is NOT like me
    I’m hearing a lot of hogwash about Sarah Palin’s popularity being based on the fact that “she’s just like us”. Get those pcs writing letters to the editor folks – we have to clear up this crazy misunderstanding.

    America! Repeat after me:
    I’m not wealthy
    I don’t wear $600 eyeglass frames.
    I don’t want to ban books.
    I dont make rape victims pay for their assault
    I don’t fire people who don’t agree with me
    I don’t fire people for supporting my opposition in an election
    I don’t lie, and lie, and lie, and lie
    I don’t favor pork and pet projects
    I don’t ditch my kids for my own ambitions
    I don’t force teenagers to get married
    I don’t parade my kids around for political gain
    I don’t support Alaskan plans to secede from the United States
    I don’t believe the Iraq war is a mission from God
    I don’t stay in my own home while charging the state for travel expenses
    I don’t mock community organizers, in fact I cherish them
    I actually think the separation of church and state is a PRETTY GOOD IDEA! To quote Mrs. Palin “If it was good enough for the Founding Fathers, it’s good enough for me!”
    I know the Founding Fathers did NOT write the Pledge of Alligiance and they sure as hell didn’t enter the phrase “under God”.
    I know that living across the Bering Strait from Russia doesn’t give anyone foreign relations experience anymore than standing in a Jiffy Lube imparts automotive repair skills.

    Posted by Mnmom at 10:32 AM
    Labels: Sarah Palin creeps me out

  7. What kind of woman identifies with Palin?? For me, there is something deeply suspicious in a woman who enjoys killing animals. Sarah Palin claims she is pro-life. Yet she “will not blink” to sacrifice millions of American lives in a nuclear war with Russia. WAR IS NOT PRO-LIFE. She is not a maverick or a reformer, she is a hypocrite and a religious obscurantist opposed to science, to environment and animal protection, to women’s rights. McCain/Palin will make us remember Bush with warm feelings. McCain picked Palin because she is a perfect companion for him. McCain wants MORE WARS because he does not have a slightest idea how to be a peace-time president. He knows nothing about economy, heath care, education, and he does not care. McCain/Palin will destroy social security, health care and very soon, to cover it up, they will drag this country in a new big war.

  8. I definitely agree with all your point. What does future holds if Sarah Palin win as the VP? How will people vote for her if she doesn’t practice what she preach. They want war? So why don’t they (McCain and Palin) send themselves to war instead. War is not always a good option. War is not a PRO-LIFE, war means killing.

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