Posted by: James Shaddock | Tuesday 9th September 2008

Grit Genius

The Liberal Party of Canada (know as ‘The Grits’ hence the title) have come up with a rather clever idea to help voters keep up to date with the scandals of the Conservative minority government during the Federal Election over there through a wiki called Scandalpedia.


September 9, 2008

Liberals Launch On-Line Conservative “Scandalpedia”

OTTAWA – Today the Liberal campaign launched Scandalpedia, an online encyclopedia to assist Canadians in keeping track of all the facts surrounding the growing number of ethical scandals engulfing the Conservatives.

In just two and half years, we have seen a dizzying array of scandals surrounding a Conservative government that ironically got elected by campaigning on accountability. There have been so many scandals that sometimes it’s tough to keep track of all the facts, but now Canadians have a tool to help them do just that.

Scandalpedia focuses on well-established Conservative scandals such as the “in-and-out” scam, the Bernier-Couillard affair and, like other on-line encyclopedias, it is hyper-linked, can easily be updated and expanded to include new scandals or newly-revealed details about existing ones.

Unlike the Conservatives who have launched websites and attack ads that contain character assassinations and outright fabrications, Scandalpedia is fact-based and is fully sourced. Rather, than insult Canadians’ intelligence by trying to mislead them with lies, Liberals will present Canadians with the facts about the Conservative record on accountability to let them make an informed choice on election day.

Scandalpedia is available in both official languages and is located at:


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