Posted by: James Shaddock | Sunday 7th September 2008

Snap General Election Called..

…in Canada.

For those who don’t follow Canadian politics, this has been on the cards for a while. The ruling Conservatives are a minority government who have had to really on the support of the two oppostion parties, the Liberals and Bloc Quebecois for some time. In recent months, this situation hasn’t been working and several ministers have resigned.

Of note is that fact that in Canada, the Liberals are the ‘natural party of government‘ (and unlike in Australia, are actually liberal), and so it gives us a chance to see what our sister parties can do and more to the point, what we can learn from them.

For those who want to keep an eye on the election I reccomend the following links:

The Liberal Party of Canada

Young Liberals of Canada

Liblogs (Liberal Party version of Lib Dem Blogs)

Young Liblogs (Youth version of above)

The CBC (Canadian equivalent of the BBC)

CTV (Canadian equivalent of ITV)

The Globe and Mail (Canada’s ‘newspaper of record‘ like The Times)

The Toronto Star (Canadian equivalent of The Guardian)

The Canada Post (UK based Canadian newspaper, aimed at ex-pats but rather good at expalining things for non Canadians)


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