Posted by: James Shaddock | Friday 22nd August 2008

Who Am I In The Lib Dems?

Who’s Who In The Liberal Democrats went live this week for all of us to put in our entries. It a great concept, particularly in turning it into a form of social networking site, so hats off to Jo Christie-Smith for being the driving force behind it.

However, I’ve come a cropper in composing my entry. Namely, I’m stumped by the ‘Description’ section. I can’t for the life of me work out what to put in it. The other sections cover most of my life and party role fine, and though there are suggestions in the ‘Completing Your Entry’ pdf, I find them irrelevant to me. I don’t want to do the whole born etc etc thing. That’s just tedious and boring. So the question is what else is there?

You’d think as a member of the social networking generation I should be used to this sort of thing, and yet the more I do things like this the harder it becomes. What is relevant? What do people actually want to know? How much is too much? I suppose I could put ‘single white male, 21, 5ft7….’ but that would turn it into a Lib Dem dating site (now there’s an idea worthy of Dragon’s Den) Also, I could document my life, but would send you all to sleep. At 21, not much has happened and things that have like ‘I was nearly in an Avril Lavigne video’ would lead to mockery from some most people.

Therefore, any suggestions as what to put are welcome…you may even win a prize*

This all in turn raises the question of when did we become so obsessed with defining ourselves? I mean is it really that important that we have to know who we really are and then put it into words or are humans more than that. Were there people 50, 100, 200 years ago trying to sum themselves up in a few paragraphs? I doubt it.

* Prize consists of  that warm feeling you inside when helping another person.



  1. I once went to an Avril Lavigne gig. No one believes my excuse (and neither will you) – that a friend had journalist passes and I had no idea at the time who she was.

    He’d said “oh she’s some north American woman singer-songwriter”.

    You should have seen those kids when she played “Sk8erBoi”.

  2. I put “short, grumpy blogger with ever-changing hair colour” or something along those lines in Description.

  3. James,

    You may think that your date of birth and/or where you were born is boring and mundane, but speaking as someone who has spent more time that is healthy going through the print version of Who’s Who in the Lib Dems 2006 it can be quite interesting. Honest! So don’t decide not to put it in, please! Don’t try and second guess what other people find interesting about you.

    In any case, the joy of Who’s Who ONLINE is that as an when you get more things for your description, you can add them.

    And people have been trying to sum themselves in a couple of paragraphs for the actual UK Who’s Who since 1849, so you will be in good company!!!


  4. Well because of a long-held-to-be-correct, just shattered misparsing of your name on your url here, to this Liberal Democrat you will probably continue to be James S. Haddock. I like you better that way.

  5. I’ve been called worse.

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