Posted by: James Shaddock | Wednesday 30th July 2008

Fascist Italy v2.0

Am I the only person noticing Italy’s sharp turn to the (far) right in recent months?

Since the return to power in April of Silvio Berlusconi, backed by his right-wing coalition built on the support of the far right Northern League, there’s been a widespread discrimination of immigrants and the Roma ethnic group (see here also), Berlusconi has had himself made immune from prosecution (just as he was about to face corruption charges) and now they’re deploying troops on the street.

Should we as liberals and fellow Europeans not be worried about this evolution of a corrupt, racist, possibly fascist state before our very eyes?



  1. I was wondering if anyone else had noticed. The far right have been on the rise in parts of Europe for a few years. Whilst the more extreme elements aren’t likely to become credible they do have a knock on effect onto other parties. Berlusconi is particuarly likely to be vulnerable as as far as I can tell his only main interest is getting into and staying in power.

  2. Oh, I agree. What irritates me is that we seem to recognise it in Eastern Europe and the new member states of the EU (such as the apprehension of the Kaczyński twins and their Law & Justice party in Poland), but we’re unwilling to say such things of the more prominent members. I find it rather hypocritical

  3. Hi,

    Silvio Berlusconi is the worst threath for European democracy since 1938.

    I know Italy very good, come there since 16 years and have seen this poison working.
    This even doesn’t has anything to do with politics, this is just organised crime that are using fascists.
    If you control the media, you control emotions like joy and happiness but also fear and anxiety.

    And who controls not only the Italian media but also the European media?
    I have written some articles about this evolution on

    For Italy it’s too late, for Europe maybe not but it’s time to act!

  4. I found this post, and it’s insane. and sort of popular in the online universe. that’s disturbingI think it’s from the right-wingers in italy or something. i was shivering.


    They speak of war. They speak of extermination. They speak of conversion. Of death. Of remaking the world in their image.

    Let them speak. Let their own words inspire a resistance and counter-attack to the Jihad. Let them bury their own graves with their hate.

    I do not propose we reason with them. Those proposals have been made, and if they are successful, they are successful because of better men than myself.

    I do not propose we come to terms with them. For to come to terms between civilization and barbarity is to leave yourself in the medieval world where one “comes to terms” with the conflicting arguments for the roundness and flatness of the planet.

    I do not propose we convert them. For we can never be sure of their sincerity. Let those who wish to leave Islam do so on their own and by the efforts of better men than myself. I am not usually persuasive. Conversions are not my strong point. But now I must try, with all honesty, attempt to convert YOU. To convert you away from the notion of coexistence with Muslims. From the notion that they’re just like us, only “misguided”. That they just need some time to modernize. No, no no. Not from where I’m sitting.

    Here’s what I do propose:

    The goal of eliminating Islam from the planet, and to mete out harsh punishment to those who would resist that, be they Muslim or otherwise. I hope such an elimination be done peacefully. Event after event after event, after yet another mosque exposed to be radical, after another school of Islam justifying beheadings and violence, after more native French citizens raped by the Muslim thugs for no other reason than being “Infidels”… After all that, I hope in vain.

    Therefore I propose an answer to the likes of Al-Queda, Hamas, and Hezbolla. I propose “converts” to Islam who will not just spy on the mosque activities, but those who will take the law into their own hands and punish the jihad encouragers physically. Outside and independently of the law, of the police. They will not help. Don’t count on them.

    I propose the demolition of mosques. The psychological terrorism of Muslims in western countries. People describe them as immigrants, or converts, or potential threats. Here’s how I would decribe them: HOSTAGES. You, western Muslims, are surrounded by seas of infidels in many places of the world. I call upon those infidels to harshly use them as bargaining chips to win rights for Arab Christians and atheists and others under Islam’s cruel thumb. For Israel. And should the Mohameddan tribes fail to deliver, I call upon those infidels to make an example of what happens when you anger the Free World past a point of no return. When you declare a war of extermination on those who received you and helped you and gave you freedoms and opportunities unheard of in your “righteous” Islamic societies. When you declare that our mothers and sisters are indecent whores for exposing their hair. When you condemn terrorism in English and then applaud and promote it in Arabic.

    I propose eliminating Muslims, one way or another, from Western countries. And afterwards, I propose taking the battle to Islamic countries. Just as they grow their jihads underground here, So you may fight your crusade under their noses there. Demolish mosques. Intimidate. Do what is necessary.

    Fight battles you can win. Gather intelligence. Gather strength. Don’t go the route of the suicidal fanatic dying for his cause. As a famous military commander put it:


    Make it happen. Exterminate this vile religion from the world. Without the help of the State. Don’t bother lobbying, going on the news, writing op-eds, and so on. Other people do so, and this article is not geared towards those. It is geared towards a more action-minded audience. Geared towards people who will do what is necessary to protect what is precious. Offend, insult, and demolish nothing but Islam. Be kind to Sikhs, even though they wear turbans and have beards. Accept and respect Hindus, atheists, agnostics, Jews, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, socialists, libertarians, conversatives, liberals, and so on. All but Muslim are welcome. All but Muslim are fully human.

    Unless of course, you want your children and grandchildren to know nothing but the misery of Islam. Of regression. Of lies. Of intellectual and moral bankruptcy. Of a life decrepit and short and painful. For that is what Islam will bring. Don’t be fooled by their kindness. It is a mirage. Make them know that they are not welcome anywhere on the planet as long as they adhere to Islam.

    If you feel that hurting Muslim feelings is too much, then don’t bother. Go ahead, defend Islam. Defend those who would kill you for failing to convert to their Religion of Peace.

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