Posted by: James Shaddock | Tuesday 29th July 2008

I’ve Officially Become Sad

Because I’ve started a Facebook group called The ‘Make It Happen’ Appreciation Society.

In my defence, I am currently unemployed and needed a distraction from job applications. Plus, I felt it need a social networking presence.

So go back to your profiles and prepare for government.



  1. Trust you have discovered W4MP?

    Its the way forward if you are looking for a political job.

    Like the name of the blog; no guessing who you voted for in the leadership election!

  2. The blog name does give it away a bit, but I actually chose it as it sums me up quite well.

    Of course I’ve heard w4mp. I even have an interview (finally) for I job I found on there this coming Monday.

    Thanks for being my first comment by the way.

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