Posted by: James Shaddock | Friday 25th July 2008

Obama’s Berlin Speech

I’ve been waiting to write about Barack Obama‘s speech in Berlin until it was posted on Youtube, so that those who missed it can watch/hear it.

To me it was on of his best and most enthralling speech. He proved that he really is a step in the right direction and marks what I see a change in US foreign policy aimed at humanitarian causes, with mentions of Darfur and Somalia.

However, perhaps that was the point of the speech. That it was meant to appeal to internationalist European liberals like myself rather than moderate, perhaps a little isolationist, blue-collar Americans. The Guardian’s Michael Tomasky sort of thinks along the same lines by suggesting that it makes McCain look more all-American by staying out of the international spotlight in order to be seen campaigning in the US. If so, then it could paint Obama as an outsider whose acceptance of foreign adulation translates as him being willing to admit that the US was wrong in the eyes of old imperialist Europe. Given the choice of an all-American war hero or an ‘outsider’ whose been cosying up with European leaders previous critical of the US, I fear that the average American will choose the former over the latter.

All in all though, I’m glad that Obama made has gone on a world tour of sorts because it helps boost his foreign policy credentials and shows that he’s willing to take multi-lateral international matters in to account in any future administration he has


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